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stop making excuses!
i heard many people tell me that they want to make comics, they want to write them they want to draw them... but when i ask them why they don't have samples ready,  it is always a barrage of excuses.
so this year, on san diego comic con i met a guy that just in one simple swoop destroyed my patience for excuses.
meet Larime Taylor
you go here, you see this video... and you ask yourselves, do you want it hard enough.
this man is a storyteller at heart. his cmic is an intense  one, really cool and i recommend it it is available for preorder, a voice in the dark. it is out in november.  i don't usually promote  stuf, rarely even my own, but i want to promote this because this man deserves it!
so stop looking for excuses, stop trying to find reasons why it cant be done, start working on ways to get it done.
you have one life... if you want to be a storyteller , be it! be a
:iconnebezial:nebezial 518 315
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Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams!!!

Or in other words, I just got my MSc degree. My latest journal entry was 7th November 2014. That's how much pressure there was. I was just replying on dA messages and deleting everything else. No time for anything.

And now, I did it. I actually made it, yay! I survived this ordeal. (Dramatic much? Yes. No regrets.)

Although, the next step is usure right now as the job hunting begins. And we all know how easy it is to find a job today. Employers beg people to stay and they always end the interview with sunshines and rainbows and proper full time contracts. Quite...

Anyhow, I wish for all of you to keep working on your dreams. Just put your mind into something and you will make it :) Everything will get better in the end, trust me.

Cheers everyone and as always: Stay Awesome!
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Psyxo (not really)
Heya people around the world!

I answer all comments on my work. ALL of them. Even Troll comments shall receive at least 1 witty reply. Unless you're asking for it... That's my style. That's how I roll... So comment freely. Fair Warning though. This doesn't mean you can start the spamming of comment sections with unrelated stuff or, worse, hopes for Role Playing. Use your brain. This falls in the "I am not going to reply" category.

As I said in the description of my very first submission "Rainbow Dash" Rainbow Dash by Psyxofthoros, I'm no artist.
Just some dude who draws cartoon ponies in his free time, bored out of his mind.

Everything I've made is free for non-commercial use by anyone. You don't really have to ask permissions and stuff. Only thing in return I want is some credit and a link of what you made, so I may enjoy it as well!

Big Thank You to all my Watchers and everyone deciding to add me to their watch list!

If you give me a Llama... You get a Llama too because of reasons!

That is all. Cheers to all of you!

:icondoge3plz::icondoge4plz: Deal with it.



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